Welcome to adulthood

Welcome to adulthood


On every birthday since my 16th I have wondered at which age my adult life will really begin.  It was supposed to start at 18, 21…at the age of 25 I was still going out every night, other than responsibilities of paying rent and bills, I felt that all the other things did not matter.

Having recently celebrated my 29th birthday, I woke up feeling somewhat old and feeling that my adult life has suddenly kicked in. Throughout the last few years, I have stopped trying to please everyone and have used the extra time gained on spending time with special friends and family.  Gone are the days that I can ignore the impending credit card bills, or the days that I can go out for drinks without suffering a three day hangover.

This year I woke up realising that my last year of my twenties will be the base of my adult life, this year is sure to be the most emotional year of my life.  The emotions of excitement and fear are already starting to show as Abi and I step away from the lives we know and start a business adventure that we hope everyone will love as much as we already do.  Hard work, fun and all the support we have around us, may just be the answer to our success.  Welcome to adulthood…

Christmas Hamper

Christmas Hamper

So Christmas has come and gone. Would it be cliché to say that I can’t believe 2013 is already over? It really did fly by, and was pretty eventful.
Here are the highlights; Left my job, decided to start a new business and got married in a country nearly 9000 km away from home.

For now, a gift idea, I know Christmas is over but better late than never, right? Well, here it is, a Christmas hamper.


I made nine of these and it took me a full day but it was fun. Here’s how I put them together:
Things I bought: Organic Jam from Abel and Cole, I am not nearly brave enough to actually attempt making my own, plus Abel and Cole are awesome
Booze of sorts – I added a mini version of their drink of choice.
Mini Green & Blacks chocolate bars.


Things I made:

Apricot Crunchies – which were pretty much a fail (it’s the thought that counts!) they still tasted good even if they did crumble in your hands, I won’t bother with the recipe. I wrapped these up in tissue paper and tied them up in a pretty bow (which also helped to hold them together).
Chilli & Herb Oil – This one was pretty easy, a couple of cute Kilner bottles and a large bottle of olive oil. Instructions: Stuff the following into the bottle; chopped up garlic clove, one whole clove of garlic, dried chilli flakes, one whole dried chilli (I used Chipotle chillis), add a few sprigs of thyme and top up with Olive oil. Easy Peasy and it looks awesome. (Update: i have just discovered that you shouldn’t put garlic in infused oils as it causes bacteria and can make you extremely ill so if you have put garlic in oil don’t keep it for more than three weeks.)


Mulled wine Satchet – I bought some Muslin cloths from Mothercare, they were red not the usual white but hey, it looked festive. I cut out a 25cm square and in the centre filled it with; tsp Cinnamon, ½ tsp nutmeg, ½ tsp ginger, 1-2 star anise, about 5-8 cloves, 1 cinnamon stick and about 1 Tsp of brown sugar. I then tied it up with a ribbon and one last cinnamon stick so it would look nice and festive and that’s it.


Now, to put it all together. Because I am unorganised and leave everything till the last minute I didn’t have time to print out cute labels for everything, so I ended up handwriting them all which added to the ‘homemade’ feeling overall.

Lastly, what to put  it all in, well, my first thought was a basket. But then I thought about any other hamper I’d ever received and the baskets are usually pretty tatty so I thought, what’s always useful, a mixing/serving bowl so I threw in a pretty dishcloth and added it all together with a Christmas card et voila!

Now that I’ve done these once I might try starting them a little earlier next year and plan a bit better but they went down a treat. And you could adapt it to be a Valentines, Easter or birthday hamper, the only thing that makes this particularly Christmassy is the mulled wine satchet so switch it out for something else.

Hit the road running

Hit the road running

I can’t believe we are almost half way through January and only now am I starting to find the motivation to get the year started. Last week I kept blaming the “jetlag” for my lack of motivation, but enough is enough it’s time to get out there and get fit!

It’s no secret that I like to keep busy and hardly ever have anytime to myself.  Last year I started road running and realised that it was one of the best ways to stop me working and to have some “me time”.  While running I find that I can clear my head, get creative, motivated and above all I can keep fit.  After all a healthy body equals a healthy mind.  So for me the best way to get myself motivated is to literally “hit the road running”.

Hit the road running

Well needless to say, I survived my first run of the year and I am ready to start planning a few fun runs to keep myself motivated.