Container full of goodies

Container full of goodies

A few of weeks ago I finished my nanny job to put all my time into the business. It was all plain sailing, everything was going to plan, we may even have thought that we were ahead of schedule…that was until we realised that our shipment had arrived a week early.


Boy were we excited (and stressed)! Anyone that knows me, will know that I can cry at the hint of any emotion, it doesn’t matter what emotion! My hands started getting clammy on the drive over to our storage warehouse, on arrival my heart started racing and I struggled to hold back the tears (happy tears).


Our container arrived and we had no time to waste, we unpacked 158 boxes in under an hour, surely that must be a record? We haven’t managed to get through all our boxes yet, all the stock we have seen has arrived without any breakages. We are ever so thankful to our shipping and handling agents for getting all our stock to us safely…albeit a week early. We cant even begin to thank the designers for all the hard work in getting all their stock to us in time and we cant wait to showcase all the lovely goods that all our extremely talented makers have made us!

Any time Apple Crumble

Any time Apple Crumble

Apple crumble

Luckily you can eat apple crumble any time because I’ve kind of missed the boat for mother’s day – sorry! This is the easiest recipe and it never fails. You will need:
3-4 Apples (any that you prefer)
3-4 Tsp Cinnamon Sugar
Lemon Juice (Fresh is best, just to sprinkle over the apples)
1 Cup Flour
75g Butter in cubes (plus a little extra for the apples)
60g Sugar

Apple crumble prep

Turn your oven to 180°C. Peel and core your apples and cut into bite size pieces, this is a very rustic recipe so don’t be too precise. Throw them together in a pie dish and sprinkle generously with the cinnamon sugar and lemon juice and add a few knobs of butter.


For the Crumble rub your butter into the flour and sugar until you get a breadcrumb consistency, best to use your fingers. Once this is done sprinkle evenly over the apple mixture. All the floury bits will sift down into the buttery apple and create a beautiful thick sauce.


Put your pie in the oven for 35-40 min, you could even turn the heat up to about 200 for the last 5 minutes just to really crisp up the top, it should be a beautiful golden brown.
Now most people like to serve apple crumble with cream or ice-cream (which is lovely), but for those of you, like me, who don’t like things too sweet, some full fat crème fraiche works really well!


This recipe is so simple and perfect as it is but if you’d like to jazz it up a bit you could try a number of different variations; add a few blackberries for colour, maybe some grated ginger for a bit of a kick, if you’d like it a little sweeter drizzle over some honey and for some extra crunch try tossing in a few pecans.

April Fools Day Gnomeinations

April Fools Day Gnomeinations

For me April Fool’s Day is more about making people laugh and smile, rather than pranking. Abi and I had a great idea this year, although we did not have enough time to execute our plan. I can’t tell you what our plan is, because next year it may be you!


So with our plan in ruins, we had a brainstorming session (yes it did hurt).
With the nominating trend at the moment, it isn’t hard to see how we came up with our idea…Gnomeinations!

With very little time left before April Fools Day, we set off and bought Gnorman the Gnome. Gnorman was put on a friend’s doorstep, carrying a wheelbarrow of instructions. He had to be placed on another friend’s doorstep, have a photo taken, this photo was loaded to Facebook and had the recipient tagged.


I could not stop laughing all weekend, our friends children were over the moon; the adults were even more excited! Gnorman managed to visit 8 homes in two days, he also managed to pop into the bank (I assume to sort out his finances) and the pub to unwind during the visits.


Thank you to all that entertained Gnorman, he can be hard work at times! Due to Gnormans popularity, we may be sending him out again soon, keep an eye out.