My Wedding – The Big Day

My Wedding – The Big Day

Getting married is quite a stressful experience but when you’re working with such great people, it makes things a whole lot easier. In my previous posts I mentioned my amazing dress designer, my lovely venue and all the DIY details and in this post I’ll be telling you about some of the other awesome people I worked with.

First off my stationery designer, Ribbon Creative Studios, run by Terry Parenzee. I’ve known Terry for a long time so I couldn’t think of anyone better to do my invitations. Terry got the picnic/garden party theme spot on with the cutest illustrations. Along with my invites she also designed the name tags for our favours and a lovely ceremony leaflet complete with a ‘map of the day’ detailing how the day would run.

My photographers were Emma and Dylan from Lad and Lass photography and they are just the coolest couple. I came across Emma’s blog while surfing and it was full of the most beautiful images. I absolutely love the pictures of their beautifully styled home in Johannesburg, totally envious!

I had a somewhat crazy idea for the morning of the wedding…Near to our venue there is a beautiful family picnic spot called Nkwe. There is a cliff with a pool below and those who are brave enough jump off the cliff into the pool. I thought it would make a great photo to have all the groomsmen jumping off together and Dylan was totally up for it. Besides the adventurous photos they also managed to capture some beautiful pictures despite my complete awkwardness in front of a camera. Their photo booth video is also the coolest thing ever!

As with any wedding there were a few stressful moments, like forgetting to ask friends to do readings (my fault), a couple of last minute guests and a massive thunderstorm which cut the power just as the dance party started, but that didn’t stop the guests from having a great time, they kept the music going by singing.

We finished off the evening with a big dessert table filled with all kinds of sweet treats including some cupcakes with very interesting flavours baked by my lovely friend Cindy, we had lavender, peaches and cream, mojito and carrot cakes, they were delicious!

My favourite part of the day was right at the end of the evening sitting round the fire roasting marshmallow’s with the last few guests, it was the perfect way to end the day.

All photos by Lad and Lass Photography
Venue: Imperfect Perfection


This is it…well half of it!

This is it…well half of it!

After months of blood, sweat and tears (minus the blood), we are finally ready to open our shop! We started off with little knowledge or experience in starting a business. We are now experienced in all sorts of fields, from unwrapping tightly sealed ceramics to SEO’s.


We have been quiet over the past couple of months, friends have forgotten what we look like, my mom has stopped calling and I seem to be ageing fairly quickly.
We only managed to get half of our products up in time for the launch but more will be coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Thank you to all for all the unbelievable support! Please share us, after all…sharing is caring!