About Us

Hi there!

Welcome to our little corner of the web – VAVIE, we are Victoria & Abigail. Better known as Vicky and Abi, we’re friends, family (well sort of) and most recently business partners. How did that happen? We’ve always wanted to combine  our creative “forces”, so after a few glasses of wine and a business plan drafted on a napkin…we were in business!

The idea behind our business venture is to support independent makers and sell unique and original items.  We are always on the lookout for new, up and coming designers. Our aim is to bring their awesome pieces on to the market and into your home. More details can be found on our shop homepage.

Although we’re new to this whole blogging thing, this is where we’ll be sharing with you, the lovely things we find, our random thoughts and ideas to make your place a prettier space. (the rhyming was not intentional).

We’ll be popping up in and around London over the next few months, keep an eye out for us! Details of our whereabouts can be found here.


About Vicky…

Thank you for visiting our blog. My name is Vicky, as you may know by now. By trade I am a hair stylist, I enjoy working with brides and creating awesome up-styles. That’s about as creative as I get, although I have been known to draw a mean “stickman”. I would say that I have a keen eye for detail and teamed together with Abi’s design experience, I believe we have formed quite the partnership. Along with working in the hair industry, I have also been working in childcare for the past five years. I’m always being told to slow down and have some “me time”, however I enjoy being busy! When I’m not working, you may find me in the garden/home, exploring the outdoors, and sharing fun times with family and friends.

About Abi…

Hi, I’m Abi, the other half of Victoria & Abigail. I could sew before I could read, ever since I can remember I was always making something, from clothing to stationery to food. Although I’ve worked in the corporate world for the last few years I do have a background in design. I’ve studied fashion and interior design in the past and I’m finally going to put it to good use.

Fun Facts

• Drink of choice: We LOVE wine
• Vicky’s sister is married to Abi’s brother
• We both grew up in Pretoria, South Africa
• Vicky is petrified of prawns
• Abi procrastinates… A LOT
• Vicky is like the queen, she has two birthdays (don’t ask)
• Abi has a weird cushion obsession
• Our families refer to us as dumb and dumber (we’re not sure who’s who)