An adventure in Greece – Part 2

As I mentioned before we spent a week sailing in Greece, I know sailing sounds super¬†posh and something you do when you live in the Hamptons, but seriously, it’s not. It’s more like camping…on water. So for anyone who hasn’t been sailing here are a few things I learnt, take as little as possible, no seriously, if you think you might need it, you probably won’t. I’m talking max 2 bikini’s, a pair of shorts and a few T-shirts. Oh and shoes, you definitely need shoes. Sunnies are crucial too, it’s bright on the water, especially when you only went to bed at 2am but make sure they’re not your favourite ones because if they land in the water they’ll sink like a stone. And don’t forget the sunscreen!
An adventure in Greece - Part 2 At 32″ we were the baby of our flotilla and most definitely the naughty kids at the back of the bus, last to arrive in port, staying up the latest and last to leave in the¬†morning but hey, we had a blast! One thing we realised early on was that we needed a bigger boat. Pick the boat you think you’ll need and add at least another 4″. Your toes, head and elbows will thank you. We spent 7-days in the Ionian Islands, setting sail from Lefkas and visiting numerous Ports on Kalamos, Meganisi and mainland Greece. Above was our first stop, Port Atheni a small, quaint little port. Below was our dinner at the only restaurant in town, but it was oh so good! Every meal we ate HAD to be accompanied by a side of Tzatziki and a Greek salad, oh and sagnaki of course, hmmm. If you’re lucky the brother’s who own the place might just do a spot of Greek dancing.
An adventure in Greece - Part 2We didn’t only eat out, we managed to fend for ourselves at least once, the boys did some fishing and caught, a couple of sea urchins, a giant clam and 4 fish (2 of which were delicious) we threw the other 2 back in the water, poor things.
An adventure in Greece - Part 2Our next stop was Kalamos. Recommended dinner spot: George’s, you literally have dinner on the beach!
An adventure in Greece - Part 2On our third night we just stopped off at a random deserted beach for the night and had a barbecue right there, complete with bonfire and music! It was pretty awesome!
An adventure in Greece - Part 2I was kinda petrified to jump off the boat into the deep, dark sea and it didn’t get easier, it got my heart racing every time!
An adventure in Greece - Part 2On day 4 we were left to our own devices, we sailed past the amazing caves on Meganisi but we were absolutely starving so regrettably we didn’t stop, seriously wish we had! We had lunch in a little bay and it seemed like we were eating in someone’s backyard, totally random but like everywhere other meal we had it was delicious. After lunch, we made our way round to Little Vathy where we stayed the night. Loads of restaurants to try out, I think it was my favourite stop of the week.
An adventure in Greece - Part 2There I am at the helm, the weather was pretty tame, we only managed about 2 days of really good sailing. Our days were mostly spent, eating, swimming and snorkeling which is awesome because the water is super clear. Below is a magical little spot called Varko bay, our yacht is literally the furthest tiniest one in this photo and we thought it would be a good idea to swim to shore for cocktails. It was like a scene from James Bond except a lot less graceful. Emerging from the water with a plastic bag so our money didn’t get wet but the cocktails were definitely worth the swim. Bartenders are pretty heavy handed so beware!
An adventure in Greece - Part 2We spent our last night at sea back on mainland Greece in Paleiros where we had a fun night out and ended the evening on the beach listening to a guy and his guitar. On the last day we made our way back up to Lefkas stopping off in a few bays for swimming, snorkeling and lunch. Highlight of the week, winning the ‘Bear Grylls’ award from our crew (for all our fish catching skills)!

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