August Wishlist: Hot Pink

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I’ve never really been a pink person but lately I’ve been loving the flamingo trend, it’s totally bringing pink back. Whether it’s hot, neon or pastel, pink is my new obsession. Here are a few pink things that are on my August wishlist

Hot Pink August Picks

1 – This flower fields apron is the perfect apron to wear while preparing delicious salads.
2 – I pinned these flamingo coasters about a year ago and I still love them.
3 and 4 – I’d love to have these super cute prints from The Lovely Drawer hanging somewhere in my home.
5 – This colourful bedding will definitely brighten up my room! Now all I need to do is convince Gary that we need neon pink pillows.
6 – Gorgeous pastel coloured bowls, perfect for ice-cream on hot summer days, I think I need one in every colour.
7 – Yellow and pink are such a lovely combo. This bowl is perfect for holding all your favourite fruit, mine would be filled with pineapple, lemons and peaches.
8 – Pretty notebooks for your random thoughts and ideas.
9 – This awesome flamingo cushion would look great with my pink bedding!
10 – A beautiful tote bag that’s large enough for beach trips, picnics and farmers markets? Yes please!

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