Blood Oranges: 2 Ways

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It’s blood orange season and just about every blog I read has a recipe for these gorgeous, dark red citrus fruits. I’m jumping on the bandwagon with two very different ways to use these tasty oranges. They’re not in season for long so if you spot them in the shops grab them quick!Blood Oranges: 2 WaysFirst up blood orange curd. I was making a Jamie Oliver dessert (which I’ll share below) one Christmas and forgot the lemon curd. Try finding a shop that sells lemon curd on Christmas Day, not going to happen, but eggs, butter and lemons, that’s possible so I made my first ever batch of lemon curd and realised how easy it actually is, so here is a basic recipe.
½ cup castor sugar
zest of 2-3 blood oranges
½ cup fresh blood orange juice
4 egg yolks
¼ butter
Blood Oranges: 2 WaysWhisk together the zest, juice, egg yolks and sugar. Once combined pour into a small saucepan and gently heat while whisking constantly, it must be on a low heat, if it gets to hot it will split. The mix should start to thicken, it’ll take about 5-10 min. Once it’s thickened up remove from the heat and leave to rest. Once it’s cooled a little whisk in the butter bit by bit. Pour into a clean air-tight jar and pop in the fridge, it’ll last about 3 weeks. So now that you’ve made the lemon curd what do you do with it? My favourite recipe is a Jamie Oliver one, it’s the best dinner party dessert because it looks amazing and is ready in about 5 min. To start you’ll need meringue nest, fill them with a dollop of your curd, top with a mixture of creme fraiche and mashed up raspberries, arrange a few whole raspberries on top and finish with a drizzle of honey and a sprig of mint. So good!
Blood Oranges CurdNext up a yummy cocktail, this is a twist on a Whisky Sour, I had a one this past New Years eve and it was so good I’ve been making them ever since! Let’s call it a Blood Orange and Thyme Whisky Sour.
2 parts whisky or bourbon
2 parts blood orange juice
½ part thyme simple syrup
½ part egg white (optional)
1 part cointreau
ice, for shaker and to serve
to garnish: Blood orange slice, maraschino cherries and a sprig of thymeBlood Oranges: 2 WaysCombine everything except the garnish in a cocktail shaker (as you can see I don’t have one so I just used a mason jar) and give it a good shake until everything is well combined. Strain into a tumbler filled with ice and add your garnish. For the simple syrup combine equal parts sugar and water (I did a ¼ cup of each) and a sprig of thyme, heat in a saucepan until your sugar has dissolved and leave to cool.
Blood Orange Whisky SourA few tips, if you’d like more of a sour kick you can do a mixture of lemon and blood orange juice. Plain simple syrup or honey will work too, the thyme just gives an extra depth of flavour. I know some people aren’t to keen on egg whites in cocktails and you can definitely leave it out but it makes it look really pretty and foamy and it tastes oh so amazing!

Bottoms up!

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