Dirty Dancing under the stars

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Adderall is sympathomimetic amines based medicine used for Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and Narcolepsy. It is a psychostimulant central nervous system stimulant medicine. It maximizes the quantity of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain. It alters materials in the human brain and nerves so that it can check hyperactivity and impulses. Adderall has been widely used nowadays to treat various cases of treatment-resistant depression and exogenous obesity.

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We used to have many Drive-in Cinemas in Pretoria, I can remember my mom packing us kids into the car with blankets and pillows, driving for hours (or so it felt), tuning the radio into the dedicated movie station and then filling up on popcorn and hot-dogs.  I don’t think that I ever managed to keep awake through one of the films we went to see (not much has changed) but I will never forget the experience.  This past weekend we went to watch Dirty Dancing under the stars at Hampton Court Open-air Cinema, it definitely took me back to my younger days ….and I managed to stay awake throughout the whole film!


The crowd was predominantly female as one can imagine, with a few guys dotted around the gardens (we were convinced a few of them had been paid to be there).  The movie started as soon as the sun had set, with lots of cheering and whistling as soon as Patrick Swayze made an appearance…in fact every time he made an appearance! Next time we will be sure to take extra jumpers and blankies, it was slightly chilly!  Most of the crowd got up to dance in the closing scene and seemed to be having the time of their lives (cheesy…I know).


I have seen Dirty Dancing more than I can remember or am willing to admit, but watching it while digging into a picnic basket, with great friends and in the open air, was definitely the best!  That’s not forgetting the gorgeous backdrop of  Hampton Court Palace, one of the many events that the Palace will be hosting this year.  Our next visit to the palace will be to set up shop for the BBC Good Food Festival, tickets are free with palace entry tickets, make sure you pop by for yet another great event, we will be at stall A15…see you there!


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