DIY Dining Table

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After starting this project in November last year, I am finally posting it! Let me start off by saying this was a big project and took a lot of help from my friends and family (Thanks guys!). It’s not for the faint-hearted and you’ll need some diy knowledge. I’ve been looking for the perfect dining table for a while and they were either really expensive or kind of boring, I did think about buying an old banged up one and fixing it up but I wanted more of a modern look. So I just jumped in, bought a giant piece of plywood, some hairpin legs and got started.Behind the Scenes 7The list of what you’ll need will vary depending on the size of your table. this project took about 3 months, right through the darkest days of winter so my apologies if some of the photos aren’t very good.
What you’ll need
1 x piece of plywood (2440mm x 1220mm x 9mm)
6 x 2100mm x 130mm smooth planed timber boards (2.8mm thick)
40mm screws (about 100)
2 x hard as nails glue
4 x hairpin legs (I got mine here)
10 x Diall pine furniture board (1000mm x 400mm) (any wood will do, this is for the top of your table)
40mm nails (just a handful)
a variety of sandpaper, 80 – 160 (for a belt and hand sander)
1 x ml wax (or your preferred finish)
4 x 2100mm x 69mm skirting board
DIY Dining Table
circular saw
small hand sander
belt sander
DIY Dining TableTo start, cut your plywood to size, mine measured 100cm x 140cm and the boards to size you want to cut two long pieces along the length of the table and then four shorter boards for the width. Once these are all cut start by glueing the planks in place and screwing them in from above through the plywood as above one plank at a time.
DIY Dining TableThe next step is to prep your table top, as you can see I chose a chevron pattern. In pencil, I marked where to cut along each board, each piece is 10cm x 20cm diagonally across each board with two rows of 10cm x 10cm pieces along the edges of the table. Once all your pieces are cut it’s time to get sanding, make sure there all the edges are smooth.
DIY Dining TableOnce all your pieces have been sanded and are nice and smooth, lay them out on the table and make sure you have enough to cover the entire surface, they won’t fit together perfectly but don’t worry, that’s what wood filler is for! Now you can start glueing, this is a two person job, one person to lift up each piece, and place it down again perfectly and a second to apply the glue.Try and push them as close together as possible while staying in a straight line.
DIY Dining TableSo this is pretty much what it will look like once you’ve glued them all down. Now we’re going to need to fill in those gaps, not that I’ve ever tiled anything before but it’s what I’d imagine grouting till to be like. Fill in all the gaps with wood filler, be generous, anything that doesn’t go in the gaps will be sanded down later. See below, it was looking pretty rough at this stage.
DIY Dining TableOnce you’ve filled in as much as you can you can start sanding, and sanding, and sanding, all I can say is your sander pretty much becomes your best friend. Start of with a belt sander and a really rough grit like 60, to get off all the big chunks of wood filler and work your way up to a smoother grit. Now that you’ve got the worst of the filler off you might notice there are still some gaps so reapply filler, it should look like it’s been tiled, no gaps between the wood. And then you’re going to sand again! If there are any white marks of filler on your wood, use your hand sander and concentrate on those areas. Give it one more full sand with a really fine grit, like a 120.
DIY Dining TableAt this point the end is in sight! All that’s left to do is attach the sides. For the sides we basically used a very simple skirting board , they need to be cut at a 45° angle to make a perfect 90° at every corner, you’ll need a circular saw for this, or you could ask at your hardware store, they might be able to do it for you just be really sure of your measurements before you cut! Before you attach the board, all sides need to be completely flush so get your sander out again! Once it’s perfectly smooth and flush attach the sides to the table with glue and reinforce with nails. Fill in any gaps with filler again and sand smooth once it has dried.
DIY Dining TableOk, if you’re still with me, we’re finally on the last step, sealing it. I used a white wax to seal mine but of course you can paint it, stain it, varnish it, whatever you like! I have pine floors, you can see them peeking through above so I wanted something bright and neutral to contrast the orange colour of the floors. The wax has held up really well, you can wipe anything off, which was a major concern – hello red wine stains! But so far so good.
DIY Dining TableIt was the biggest project I’ve ever taken on but it came out better than I expected and every time I walk into the room it makes me happy! Now I just need to finish the rest of the room!

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