DIY: Dipped Wooden Spoons

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I love wooden spoons especially the really old looking ones, I have about 10, different shapes, lengths and each one is for a different dish, weird I know. So while the dip-dyeing trend is still popular I thought I’d spruce up my wooden spoon collection and brighten up my kitchen in the process. I did a lot of research for this project, read a lot of tutorials but nobody mentioned what type of paint to use. When I saw this tutorial which uses something called plastidip and thought I’d apply it to spoons, it seemed like a more permanent solution. Plastidip is pretty much liquid rubber, when it dries it leaves a smooth plastic finish and they have a perfect ‘create your colour’ kit so you can mix your own colours – yay!
How it works: You get a large tin with a clear solution plus small bottles of primary colours plus black and white. You can dip, paint or spray it, I went for the paint option.
DIY: Dipped Wooden SpoonsWhat you’ll need
One Plasti-dip colour mix set
Wooden Spoons
Small Paintbrush (I used a 25mm brush)
Something to mix the colours on (I used a small plate)
DIY: Dipped Wooden SpoonsInstructions are as easy as mixing the colours you’d like and painting them on. Depending on the look you’re going for you can tape sections and patterns, you can do anything you like really. Mine are quite rustic, I didn’t even tape a straight line, I just painted on the plastidip free hand. Start off with a dollop of the clear solution and slowly add colour to get your desired hue. It works best in small batches, enough for one spoon at a time, paint it on straight away as it does dry quite quickly and becomes quite elastic and harder to paint with.
DIY: Dipped Wooden SpoonsOnce you’ve painted on a thick layer leave to dry, I left mine overnight. The next morning I dipped them straight into the tin of the clear solution to ‘seal’ them and then left them to dry again and that’s it. The only thing I’ll advise with these is, don’t leave your spoons resting on hot pans or pots as it is plastic as direct heat will melt the paint but other than that they are really durable.
DIY: Dipped Wooden SpoonsAnd there you have it pretty dipped wooden spoons.

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