Fab Friday Picks


Every Friday we share our favourite finds from the week…

  • Born in the 80s but my best memories are from the 90s, we grew up with rock music, too much sugar and the best mobile phones.  Better than a phone that lasted for a few weeks on one charge was the snake game that most spent hours perfecting…Snake is now coming to smart phones (I may have to give it a go for old time sake).  Nirvana was a band known to all teenagers in the 90s, Im sure you all remember the baby photo on the cover of the Nevermind album, but have you seen the behind the scenes shots?
  • Our office is looking quite drab at the moment, I’m thinking we need to spruce it up with a deep clean, a few plants and maybe even cover a whole wall with post-it note superheroes (not quite sure we have time or space, but was worth the try).
  • We are all hoping for a long and hot summer this year, BBQs are being cleaned, grass seed is starting to work its magic and seven pubs in Bristol have had their walls decorated with fantastic graffiti art.
  • Thinking of summer makes me think of strawberries, nothing better than British Strawberries, Abi has a thriving strawberry garden and once those beauties pop up we can try out a few of these great Strawberry recipes.
  • I Started with the 90s and will end today on one of my all time favourites Jean-Claude Van Damme recreating, possibly the best scene from any of his movies, the pub scene in Kickboxer…he certainly still has the moves.

That’s all for now, enjoy the sunshine!

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