Fab Friday Picks


Every Friday we share our favourite finds from the week…

  • The best time of the year for me is most definitely wedding and festival season, at the moment I am loving all the gorgeous fresh flower crowns, absolutely gorgeous!
  • Social media never ceases to amaze me, this Lego cake went viral last week and the family that baked it, had to release a statement to let everyone know that they are not a business and cannot accept any orders after tons of orders and requests started flooding in.
  • I don’t mind graffiti as long as it is done right, this French graffiti artist has been livening up the streets with his favourite cartoon characters, wonderful!
  • Asparagus season, another reason to love the summer!  I am a big fan of asparagus and looking forward to trying out a couple of these fabulous recipes.
  • Fathers day on Sunday, unfortunately my dad lives overseas but I do get to see him for 6 week next month.  This Fathers day video is completely heart warming, you may need a couple of tissues close by.
  • For all the Harry potter fans, we had a good laugh at  Jimmy Fallon and Alan Rickman interviewing with helium.

Happy Fathers day to all the fathers and happy weekend to the rest of us.

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