Father’s Day Gift Guide

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It’s that time of year again folks, time to spoil your old dad. Like most years I won’t be celebrating with my dad because he lives on the other side of the world but he is coming to visit me a month later, yay! Anyway, here are some ideas for dad this Father’s day.
Father's Day Gift Guide
1 – The makers of these pretty glasses, bike around Berlin every morning and pick up all the wine bottles that have been left out (people must drink A LOT of wine over there) and turn them into these beautiful, colourful tumblers. Just right for whisky drinking!
2 – A watch is always an obvious choice, make sure it’s an awesome one.
3 – Isn’t this just the best gift ever! To remind them of their childhood, a slingshot! I think every guy I know is getting one this year, husband, brothers, nephews, I know they would all love it.
4 – A little robot to keep dad company in his office, he doesn’t do much, just looks cool.
5 – If your dad likes to spend his Saturdays pottering in the garden then these boxing glove planters will be right up his alley.
6 – From the man who brought you Hawksmoor, a nose to tail recipe book dedicated solely to pork, yum! For the cheffy dad. I secretly want this book for my birthday (which is next week).
7 – To finish off your gift, you’re going to need a card, this one works for all the moustachioed fellas.
8 –  A giant matchbox for dad to store all his bits and bobs.
9 – The raddest toothbrush/pen/utensil holder you’ll ever see, just watch out, T-rex bites!
10 – Business trips or family holidays this handsome holdall will stand the test of time.

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