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Glastonbury is possibly the best festival I’ve seen in a while, with glorious sunsets, record breaking crowds and Dolly Parton of course. Unfortunately I didn’t actually make it to Glastonbury and had to watch it at home, wishing I was there. With all the excitement, I decided to put together a few hair styling tips to create the perfect festival style.

Working on dry hair, I applied a small amount of Afterparty from TIGI, the hair is then sectioned, secured with a clip, loosely curled in different directions using GHD’s and finished off with Masterpiece Hairspray from TIGI. This is repeated until you have curled all of your hair. Now throw your head forward shake out the curls and add more hair spray.

The first style is finished off with this gorgeous Flowercrown from PoppyDaisy at Spitalfields Market in London.

For the last two styles I have given two braid choices, the first is a French braid done by hand and the second is an easier choice with a braided hairband available at most high street stores, in different hair colours.

For the French braid I started from behind the ear, only adding hair from the crown area, the braid is then loosened by pulling out bits from it and secured on the other side with a Kirby grip. I will be doing a video hair tutorial on this, towards the end of July.

For the second style, I secured the braid with Kirby grips on either side, making sure the grips were hidden under the rest of the hair, easy as that!


Now that your hair is sorted…throw on your favourite festival outfit, slip into the wellies and enjoy!

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