Get the Look – Global Eclectic

I read a lot of design blogs (I’m kinda addicted) and they always have these amazing interiors which I pin and pin and pin but all the sources are always American, which sucks! So I thought I’d start a new feature where I pick a really pretty room and find UK equivalents, yay!
Get the Look - Global Eclectic I never know how to describe styles, I mean, it could be something different to someone else but I am going to go ahead and call this Global Eclectic. I love this little nook, it’s so simple but has so many cool elements and textures going on. That couch is adorable, just wanna curl up with my morning cup of tea! Plus, kilim cushions! Still obsessed with them.

Get the Look - Global Eclectic
one – This little stool is perfect for perching a pretty plant on, it’s small but tall enough to just peek out from behind a sofa.
two – The shape of this mirror definitely gives it a bit of a Morroccan vibe.
three – A gorgeous green with a clean modern shape – dream sofa!
four – A simple little vase from H&M for your pink peonies.
five – How gorgeous is this rustic little stool, looks like it’s about 100 years old.
six, seven, eight, nine – Kilim cushions, I feel like they always add a very global look to an interior, like you’re well travelled. I’ve mentioned my love for them before, still not over it. I found all of these on etsy, there are so many of them just type in kilim cushion and pick your favourites. Obsessed with number nine with that splash of bright pink.

Happy Friday all, have a great weekend. We’re off to Greece for a week! Yay!

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