Gin and Tonic Ice Lollies

I have never been a fan of gin and tonic but one thing I learnt from our sailing trip was that people who sail, love G&T’s, so I had to ‘get on board’ and by the end of the holiday they were my refreshment of choice! So, with summer coming to an end here in London (did it ever really start?) and me, trying to hold on to that holiday feeling a little longer I thought I would make ice lollies based on the classic cocktail. Gin and Tonic Ice LolliesIngredients
6 shots of gin
600 ml tonic
juice of ½ lime
6 cucumber slices
Gin and Tonic Ice LolliesAdd your cucumber slices to your ice-lolly molds. Mix all other ingredients together in a jug (taste the mix to make sure it’s strong enough/not too strong), pour into the molds, insert the lolly sticks and pop in the freezer for a few hours and there you have it, gin and tonic ice lollies, it could not be easier!
Gin and Tonic Ice LolliesAll that’s left to do is is hope for one last little bit of warm weather so you can enjoy these babies in the sunshine!

white ice-cream bowl | charcoal pincushion napkin

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