Grown up Halloween Party

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Ok, this isn’t exactly a Halloween party it’s more like an autumn dinner party. I went with a colour palette that’s not your usual Halloween one, sage, navy (my colour of the season) a bit of sparkle and a splash of orange and yellow.
Grown-up Halloween Party1 – Every dinner party needs some candlelight to set the mood, these copper tealight holders from h&m will make any table look extra special.
2 – These beautiful indigo tie dyed napkins are handmade, each one is different. They’ll add a touch of drama to your table.
3 – Why not try pumpkin mousse in place of pumpkin pie, a perfect seasonal dessert. Tip for making it even better: add a little whiskey to the whipped cream on top.
4 – A twist on the traditional vichyssoise, this recipe uses sweet potato, with a few added spices it’s a real treat and will warm your guests right up!
5 – You’ll need something to serve your delicious soup in and these rustic stoneware bowls are just the trick.
6 – How about making a gorgeous floral centerpiece in a pumpkin to complete your table, the diy for this beauty will be up later this week.
7 – Instead of dressing up how about a little game. Think of a name of any famous (or infamous) person, dead or alive, real or fictional, write it down and pass it to your left, stick the name to your forehead without looking at it and try and guess who you are by asking only yes or no questions. From actors to sports personalities, story book characters and deceased dictators anything goes but for a Halloween twist how about naming only scary departed folks.
8 – So this is a bit of a confession, I generally don’t use table clothes for dinner parties, I like covering my table in kraft paper instead! It looks cool and kind of rustic, it’s fun and interactive because everyone ends up writing on it by the end of the evening and at the end of the night you just crumple it up and throw it away – easy! Another plus, if there’s a red wine spillage (usually me not my guests) it doesn’t ruin a beautiful table cloth. For a bit of a twist I’ve used metallic gold kraft paper to go with the rest of the colour scheme.
9 – This party calls for a warm toastie cocktail, some hot apple cider will work perfectly!
10 – Since I’m claiming this is a Halloween party there has to be something spooky on the table, these skull platters will do nicely for serving your party snacks on.

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