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If you don’t have tickets to the handmade fair yet you’re in luck! We’re giving away 2 tickets this week, details are at the end of the post but first a little diy.

With all the excitement around #worldpomination we thought we’d join in the fun with a pompom project, Vicky’s been making pompoms in her spare time and this afternoon I created this pretty little garland with them.
Pompom Garland DIYYou’ll need:
16-20 Pom poms of various sizes in cute colour combos
Extra wool for wrapping the rope and attaching the pompoms in corresponding colours
A needle with a large eye
Pompom Garland DIYCut the rope to the required length, mine was around 60cm. Cut wool in your chosen colours about 3 times the length of the rope, I used 3 different colours. Tie a knot in the rope, including the wool. Start to wrap the wool around rope, you don’t have to be too precise, it’s just to add a little something extra to the plain rope. Hold the 3 strands of wool between your thumb and forefinger and turn the rope with your other hand. It does get a little tangled so just straighten it all out every few turns. Once you’ve wrapped the entire length tie another knot, same as before.
Pompom Garland DIYNext lay out your rope and arrange your pompoms to see where you’re going to attach them, vary the sizes and colours, I did mine in 3 layers, one row above the rope, one row below and another below that. Once you are happy with your layout you can start attaching your pompoms.
Pompom Garland DIYThread your needle in a corresponding colour to the pompom you’re about to attach, you need about 10-15cm of wool, push the needle through the middle of the pompom and pull the thread through so that you have equal amount of wool on either side, tie to the rope with a double knot, continue until you have attached all the pompoms in the first and second rows. For the third row you’ll need to thread wool though your pompom and through the surrounding pompoms to attach it to them, you’ll need to make these wool ties a little longer than before. To hide the wool that’s holding them all together just fluff up your pompoms once you’ve tied the double knot.
Pompom Garland DIYDid anyone see the Radley dog decorated in pompoms sailing down the Thames this morning, I’m positive they’ll break the Guiness record with all those pompoms! There are just two weeks to go till the first Handmade fair at Hampton Court Palace and we are so excited to be part of it! We’re looking forward to attending a few skills workshops, you’ll find me at the paper garland and macrame lampshade workshops.
Now for the Handmade Fair ticket giveaway! To win 2 tickets just enter through rafflecopter below and leave a comment telling me which skill workshop you’re looking forward to attending.

Update: Congratulations Jenny Barker on winning the ticket giveaway! We hope you enjoy the fair and be sure to pop in and say hi!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Oh my! LOVE your garland :0) Be lovely to meet you guys at the Handmade Fair…fingers crossed x

  2. I would love to go to the Upcyling workshop as I would like to get some knowledge and inspiration to use when I get home.

  3. Hard to choose…. but seasonal I think! x

  4. Upcycling – loved to get some good tips :D

  5. Textiles and yarning

  6. I’d Love to attend the Upcycling workshop!Ive upcycled a few things and got the bug :) xx


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