How to reupholster an office chair

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I’ve always wanted to try my hand at upholstering but have never been brave enough, when we bought our office chairs I thought they would make the perfect first project, they were functional but not very pretty. I think I got lucky with these chairs, when I took them apart I saw they would be quite an easy update, of course not all office chairs are the same but ours are pretty standard so hopefully the steps won’t differ too much if anyone would like to try this at home.
How to reupholster an office chairYou will need:
old office chair
1.5m fabric of your choice
4m elastic (I used 5mm width)
fabric scissors
small safety pin

How to reupholster an office chair1. Start by taking your chair apart. The backrest of my chairs just popped off when I wedged a ruler in between the fabric and plastic but the seat I actually had to unscrew. Remove the old fabric from the backrest and seat, be careful not to damage it as this will be your template when cutting the new covers.
How to reupholster an office chair2. If you are covering two chairs like me fold your fabric in half with the selvages together (the selvage is the self finished edge that keeps the fabric from unraveling) and lay the old covers on top of the new fabric. The old covers were finished with elastic along the edge which made it impossible to lie them flat so I trimmed about 5mm off all the way around, I also ironed them to make sure they were completely flat. Make sure the template is perfectly straight, they should not be at an angle, once your happy with their placement pin into place. Cut leaving about 1.5cm around your template as above.
How to reupholster an office chair3. Next, pin a 5mm seam all the way around both pieces of fabric, this will ensure the fabric won’t unravel once it’s back on the chair. Stitch with a sewing machine. 4. Same as before pin in another seam, the width will depend on the width of your elastic, I left quite a generance allowance and pinned a 1.5cm seam, stitch again leaving a small gap to feed your elastic through. (for the backrest make sure you leave to gap at the top of the chair, it will make things a lot easier later on). 5. Attach your elastic to a small safety pin and feed it through the seam you’ve created, push the pin through the seam as above. Make sure to leave a generous amount of elastic on either end.
How to reupholster an office chair6. Now for the fun part, putting it back on the chair. First the back rest, start at the bottom of the chair and stretch the fabric over the base of the backrest and pull up until the fabric fits nice and snug all the way round, don’t worry of it’s not a perfect fit, that’s what the elastic is for. Now start pulling the elastic tighter and make sure if stretches over the whole seat, smooth out any bumps. Once you are happy with the finish tie a double knot in the elastic and cut any long pieces a little shorter.
How to reupholster an office chair7. Repeat the same steps with the seat of the chair. 8. Make sure to smooth out any puckers before putting your chair back together, there will be a few but if they are evenly spread they won’t be too noticeable.
How to reupholster an office chair9. Put your chair back together, start with the base of your chair and finish with the arms.
How to reupholster an office chairThere you have it – how to reupholster an office chair, easy right?

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