Fab Friday Picks


Every Friday we share our favourite finds from the week…

  • Have you been onto the crowdfunding website to see all the fantastic creations that people are crowdfunding? This Pedestrian Bridge in Rotterdam was one of them, what a great idea and it just shows you that anything is possible these days!
  • People aren’t so bad after all, especially after these guys saved a Great White Shark in Cape Cod after he was stranded.  Talking about sharks, did anyone spot the 50+ smooth-hound sharks in Sussex…guess we wont be swimming in those waters.
  • This is possibly the funniest story I have ever heard, a squirrel getting drunk in a private members club by accidentally switching on the ale tap after closing time…only in Worcestershire!
  • Some people have too much time on their hands to get creative, no time like coffee time to do a few coffee and ice cream sketches.
  • I don’t normally share weddings on the blog, working in the industry I see a lot of weddings, dresses hairstyles etc.  But this fantastic wedding is one of the best I have seen, everything about it was absolute perfection…great planning and style from one OCD to another!

Have a fabulous weekend all!

Fab Friday Pics


Every Friday we share our favourite finds from the week…

  • We have been spoilt the past couple of weeks with wonderful weather, if you’re in Surrey and looking to find a great pub to eat at, here is a list of the best pubs in Surrey, I have been to a few of these myself.  When in Milan, pop in to this awesome Wes Anderson inspired vintage bar, love the pinball machines!
  • If you’re planning on staying home and enjoying the weather in the garden, why not mix up a couple of these delicious drinks or spend some time preserving the summer.
  • What is a summer without evidence?  Selfies will be at a all time high but remember to be safe when taking selfies, the Russians seem to have it under control.
  • I have seen the artworks by this Belgian Artist before, Strook re-purposes old doors and creates giant faces…absolutely amazing!
  • Have you watched the new season of True Detective, I can’t wait to watch it, for now True confessions with Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell will need to do.

Have a great weekend soaking up the sunshine all.

Fab Friday Picks


Every Friday we share our favourite finds from the week…

  • What a superb week for weather, perhaps a little hotter than hoped for but not complaining.  Here are some great summer dip recipes, perfect for summer picnics or BBQs.
  • With all this humidity and heat, I have been pinning my hair up daily, these bobby pin hacks should come in handy to anyone that likes to pin their hair up when the weather is fine.
  • Last week I posted a link to a fabulous artist that had put Lego mini figurines in funny situations, this week I came across another artist who also used Lego figurines but this time to recreate comic covers, absolutely brilliant!
  • We all love a feel good story, this one is about Sipho Mpongo, a young man who grew up in a township in South Africa and is now heading to New York to participate in an intensive photography training programme, this guy is going places!
  • And lastly for the ladies, I know you all have your Magic Mike tickets booked, but can you take it seriously after watching Channing Tatum and Jimmy Fallon act out Magic Mike in Kids Theatre?

Have a wonderful weekend all and keep cool.

Summer Holiday Essentials

I’m jetting off on a summer holiday on Wednesday, 10 blissful days on the Greek Islands and leaving Vicky to man the fort. I think summer officially arrives here in the UK on the day we leave, temps of 33 on Wednesday, WHAT!! Here is what’s on my list for my getaway, the holiday essentials.
Summer Holiday Wishlist1 – I have been eyeing this necklace for months, it would make the perfect date night accessory with a little black dress on a warm summer evening.
2 – This breezy dress just screams holiday!
3 – You can never enough pairs of sunnies, I love this light blue pair from Anthropologie.
4 – Another fun accessory for date night, a tropical clutch!
5 – The perfect bag for toting around all your beach essentials.
6 – I was a huge Gilmore Girls fan growing up so when I heard Lauren Graham had written a novel I had to have it. Looks like it’s going to be a fun summer read.
7 – Every girl needs a wide brimmed hat to hide away from the sun under, I love this bright ombre yellow one.
8 – These shoes match the tropical clutch perfectly and I found them totally by accident! Aren’t the cute!
9 – Make sure a mani pedi is on your to-do list before jetting off, I love all the new colours from Essie.
10 – Full swimsuits are seriously in this year, there are so many gorgeous options!