St Patricks Celebrations

St Patricks Celebrations fell on a Monday this year, not ideal for most of us. I decided to have a few friends over for a celebration the following weekend, any excuse for a good party. We enjoy St Paddy’s  every year and normally end up in the closest Irish bar to celebrate for a good old fashion knees up…I’m not sure that most people know what they are actually celebrating. (I know I didn’t).
St Patricks is celebrated on the day of St Patrick’s death, he was Irelands patron Saint  and used the shamrock (3 leaf clover) to explain the holy trinity. St Patrick was legendry as was said to have banished all snakes from Ireland, that’s why you won’t find any there today but like I said, that could be a myth?


The house was decorated in different shades of green together with one big rainbow garland and no pot of gold (unfortunately). I made bunting earlier in the day, by cutting out hessian triangles and painting green stripes and polka dots on them. Ideally I would have found four leaf clovers but the next best thing was watercress, which fitted perfectly into our small ramekin dishes. I decorated a couple of old jars with washi tape and filled them with wild flowers.




I tried to keep all the finger foods in keeping with the Irish theme. We had potatoe farls, mini irish sausages, kale chips, and green crudités. These went down a treat and kept our tummies lined until we were ready to serve up our traditional Irish stew with homemade dumplings.




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