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Anyone that knows me well enough will know that I would choose plants over cut flowers any day, in saying that I have been given a few different succulents over the past couple of years.  I decided it was time to make use of the zinc bucket that has been lying around since Abi’s Bridal Shower and get my succulent garden started.


Succulents can be be planted pretty much anywhere, I have seen them planted in egg shells, old boots…literally anywhere!  I’m not a succulent expert but have been reading up on different ways to plant and grow succulents, the general consensus is that as long as they have enough drainage, they should be ok.  So I started off by drilling holes into the bottom of the zinc tub and placing a generous layer of grit as the first layer. The zinc tub I chose as my planter is fairly deep, so I decided to do a few layers of grit between the soil to allow better drainage.  Most succulents have roots that are close to the soil, it is a good idea to spread grit or gravel under the leaves to prevent leaf rot.


I have kept my succulents fairly spaced out as I plan to add to my collection with the succulents I have  propagating at the moment.  Once you have finished planting your succulents, it is best to leave them for a couple of days before watering them, giving them a chance to get over the initial shock.  As with most plants, try to remember and fertilize your succulents once a month with liquid fertilizer.  Don’t over water your succulents, start off by watering them once a week and judge how much they need over the coming weeks.  And lastly, succulents need at least 4 hours of sunlight a day, try keeping them in a sunny windowsill.


As far as plants go, I find succulents and cacti are the easiest to look after, the perfect type of plant for anyone with a black thumb.


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