The Perfect Bridal Shower

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The time had finally come, the time for me to plan Abi’s bridal shower.  A bridal shower like no other, that would tick every box on Abis “do’s and don’ts” list.  Lucky for me, Abi and I have similar taste when it comes to planning events.  The hardest part of planning the bridal shower was probably finding the perfect setting, which we did in the end…

The day before the bridal shower was spent embroidering hessian jam jars with each guests initial, baking and trying out the delicious homemade scones.A short walk from our accommodation was a lovely picnic area.   We hung yellow, mint green and lilac lanterns from the trees.  The lanterns were complimented by wild flowers I had picked from my garden, earlier that morning.


The ladies all looked beautiful in their picnic dresses, sipping on Pimms and revelling in the sunshine…which according to our weather report, was not set to last.  Our timing was perfect, as we made our way back to the venue, the heavens opened up.
The rest of the day was spent enjoying lots of laughs, champagne and a bit of pampering. While the girls were having fun I snuck away to set up the final part of the evening,  I hung handmade bunting and reused our wild flowers from the picnic alongside my large Mason jars filled with corks and fairy lights (finally found a use for my cork collection).

The ladies arrived, dressed to the nines. We had a wonderful evening, with great food, superb wine, good memories and the rest is better left unsaid.
Spending time with such a quality group of friends is what made the weekend so special,  I think I can speak for us all when I say, it was a perfect bridal shower…
No pressure on the bride to create the perfect wedding.

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