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Some of you might’ve read that I have a cushion obsession, I wouldn’t go that far but Gary and Vicky insist I have a problem. But throw cushions aren’t the only interior trend I love, there are so many.

Although Kilim rugs have been around for ages and many interior bloggers have mentioned them at some point, I still LOVE them. I love the interesting patterns and the vibrant colours. I’ve been pining for a Kilim rug for years,  I just need to convince Gary we need one since he thinks rugs are clutter?

In the mean time I’ve been pinning loads of pictures and browsing through them longingly. Here are a few of my favourites.

Kilim rugs in Dining Room and Office

The first rug is from the bright and beautiful home of Danish artist Anne Bungaard, it just livens up her living room perfectly.

This next photo is probably one of the most pinned on pinterest and I love everything about it, the bright Kilim layered over a jute rug, the rustic table, the window seat bursting with cushions, it’s the perfect spot for Sunday Brunch. This is the very talented interior designer Amber Lewis‘ home. You’ll also find some of the most beautiful Kilim’s I’ve ever seen in her shoppe, would kill to know where she gets them!

KilimEdit2Kilim’s don’t always come in rug form, for a relaxed look, a few Kilim floor cushions strewn across your living room, looks pretty welcoming to me! (original source unknown).

How about an entire armchair covered in a Kilim rug, now that’s a statement piece! This one was commissioned for a client of Brisbane based interior designer Anna Spiro, isn’t she a beauty.

These large square Kilim cushions add the perfect touch of texture to this neutral bedroom (original source unknown).

This one long pillow is absolutely gorgeous, it adds a perfect splash of colour to Bri, from Design Love Fest’s, calming white bedroom.

Now, where to find these beauties? You can’t quite pick them up on the high street. There are a few stores on etsy and as I mentioned above Amber Lewis’ shoppe is filled with some amazing finds and they ship to the UK or you could always get lucky on ebay or gumtree.   If anyone else has a secret spot fill us in!

Now, just to convince Gary we need one in every room!

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